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5-bit programmable synchronous step-down controller Integrated circuit with triple ldo controller

Post Date: 2023-03-03 Latest Technologies

The IRU3027 controller IC is designed to meet the VRM 9.0 specification for next-generation microprocessor applications that require multiple onboard regulators. The IRU3027 provides a single chip controller IC for the Vcore, three LDO controllers, one with automatic selection pins, Type Detect pins connected to the AGP slot for AGP VDDQ power supply, one for GTL+, and another for the 1.8V chipset regulator, To meet the needs of next-generation PC applications.

Typical application


The IRU3027 is designed for use with VOUT3(1.5V) and VOUT4(1.8V) bipolar transistors. No external resistance divider is required for any regulator. The switching regulator has a patented topology that, in combination with several external components shown in typical application circuits, will provide over 20A output current to the onboard DC-DC converter, while automatically providing the correct output voltage via a 5-bit internal DAC.

Block diagram


The IRU3027 also provides lossless power dissipation for both switches by using RDS(ON) of a high side power mosFETs as sensing resistors, output undervoltage off, detection of short circuit conditions for linear outputs and latched systems, and a power Good window comparator when either output is outside the pre-programmed window. Switch its open collector output to low level.

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